Friday, April 01, 2005

The Yard Skunk

Late last summer a skunk started hanging around the yard. A small cute skunk that I saw regularly, usually at dusk or dawn, but occasionally, as in the photo below, taken last August, in broad daylight.

Through the lilies...

Today, late in the morning, I was walking up at the back, by the shed. I came around the corner, and there was a skunk, a small skunk, a cute skunk. The yard skunk returned? It saw me and skittered under the shed, through the entrance the yard rabbit used all winter. Then for the next few moments, it intermittently stuck its nose out to sniff to see if the danger had passed. But I was still there, so it eventually retreated out of sight. Maybe to wait me out, or maybe it's living there. A little later in the day, I saw my cat come bolting down the hill from the direction of the shed. I let her in the house, and gave her a good sniff, but all was well. I don't think she'd tangle with a skunk.....would she?

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