Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday Butterfly: Red Admiral

The Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta rubria) common butterfly around here, I believe, but this year there have been more than usual.

This one looked and acted like today was its first as a butterfly.


Crafty Gardener said...

Beautiful butterfly photos. I captured a mourning cloak resting on a hummer feeder the other day. I tried several times this morning to get the monarchs, but no success ... yet!

Pamela Martin said...

Thanks, Crafty. I think it's still a little too early for newly emerged Monarchs--I certainly haven't had any sit still long enough to even think of taking a photo.

Your Mourning Cloak is beautiful--I don't think I've ever seen one--but you may just just far enough south of me (and by the lake there) to see things we don't see up here.

Karl Kessler said...

As you say, I think there must have been more Red Admirals this year than in past years, becaise we saw a pair of them on our purple coneflowers in July and had never seen this butterfly before in our garden(we've lived in our house in Waterloo, ON for 5 years).