Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bev Wigney in the Blogosphere

I first got to know Bev Wigney's photography and nature stories from the Eastern Ontario Natural History Listserv. Her invertebrate images in particular have been a great resource for me--helping me identify stuff around here. See for example her Agriope aurantia photos referred to in my post, In the Yard, about this spider.

One of my favourite of her stories posted the listserv is the ongoing saga of a psycho red squirrel that's been visiting her yard for a couple of years now, terrorizing the other visitors.

Now Bev has a blog, Burning Silo, where you can read about the squirrel (and follow the links to photos and video), and more besides. Check it out.

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bev said...

Hi Pamela,

Thanks for visiting my new blog and also helping to make others aware of it! I hope everyone will feel welcome to drop by to see what's there and post their comments.