Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Cedar Bush--A Portrait

Every picture I've ever taken of the cedar bush with a little digital camera is deceptive. It always looks like much more open than it is, in reality it is blocked by masses of small branches poised to take out an eye, and an everchanging array of fallen larger branches and trees. So it seemed a good subject to try out the Orton technique on. (Thanks to Cindy at Woodsong and Troutgrrrl at Science and Sarcasm for the suggestion and the links.)

In the original photo you can see snow on the branches of the trees. It was taken in December after a snowstorm.

Ortonizing made the green dominant, which in the case of this photo results in an image I find pleasing--and pretty far removed from the cedar bush's true nature. Here's a link to Cindy's post about this photoshop technique and where you can find out more about it.


TroutGrrrl said...

Ooh, nice pic Pamela. Yours turned out much more beautiful and Cindy-like than mine!

Pamela Martin said...

Thanks Troutgrrrl. I tried it with a bunch of different images before I got one I liked.