Friday, February 02, 2007

Circus of the Spineless #17: The Symbology of Invertebrates

The circus is back in town: Circus of the Spineless #17: The Symbology of Invertebrates. Learn the meanings we've associated with spiders and snails, squids and butterflies, and the rest. Enjoy the great collection of the best of recent invertebrate blogging. Go to The Voltage Gate, now!!

Groundhog Day in Thomasburg

Had a searcher this morning looking to know how Groundhog Day in Canada worked out. The page that came up was my archive page from last February (here's a link to the relevant post). Well, that's just wrong. So I thought I'd better put up a report on the situation today. (And take the opportunity to correct an error in the earlier post--the identification of a prickly ash as a black locust...)

Were a groundhog to emerge in Thomasburg this morning it would definitely not see its shadow. Wiarton Willie, concurs.

Light snow continues.

As I wrote last year, to us the prediction of six more weeks of winter sounds more like a promise than a curse. End of winter in the middle of March? Sounds good to me. Especially this year when we had no winter until just a few short weeks ago--six more's a cakewalk. So when the groundhog predicts an early spring instead, I hardly know what to make of it.

But maybe the groundhog isn't really a good prognosticator. The Straight Dope suggests perhaps it's more often wrong than right. What?!?