Friday, February 04, 2005

Signs of Spring

I finally got out on my walk again yesterday. Lots of deer sign everywhere--the deer are emerging from the woods. I also heard the pileated woodpecker calling for the first time since last season, and the cardinal singing again. There are tracks everywhere and a few scraps of rabbit--possibly the one I reported on earlier. While I welcome spring, I hate to think that the good tracking, so brief this year, might be over. Please, more snow!

The picture below shows an area on the walk we call the scrape. Topsoil is regularly harvested from this field. One year it is piled, as you see in the picture, then the next year the piles are sifted and removed. This creates barren patches, but also good areas for tracks in dust and mud. I'll post other pictures showing the various landscapes of the walk in future entries.

The Snow is Vanishing

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