Thursday, January 19, 2006

Do it for Saemangeum!

International birder Charlie, of Charlie's Bird Blog, is also, along with his brother and others, a co-founder of Birds Korea, an organization to advocate for the protection of important bird habitat in Korea. A couple of days ago Charlie wrote about the threat to Saemangeum, an area of tidal flats and estuary on the coast of the Yellow Sea that is the staging ground for hundreds of thousands of shore birds every year, and is scheduled for "reclamation." In other words, draining, destruction as shorebird habitat.

The greatest threat to biodiversity is habitat destruction. And the effects of the destruction of this particular place will reverberate around the world.

Charlie is appealing to the birding community to "bird for Saemangeum" the weekend of Feburary 3, to raise money to pay for the research necessary to make the case solid that this site must be protected from the proposed development. But he explains it better than I can--read the story on his blog, and if you've never been there before take a look around at the stories and images from birding that most of us can can only dream of. And help if you can. Keep the dream alive.

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