Sunday, February 26, 2006


In the early hours of Saturday morning snow began to fall--continuing into the afternoon, to a total of 15-20 cm.

At the edge of the far field.

It's cold and winds are brisk--but it's beautiful.

In the high open areas at the south end of the scrape the wind scours the snow.

When it warms up a little this afternoon I'll be going out to check tracks. All I saw yesterday were what I think were probably red squirrel tracks and tunnels in the first field.

The Bohemians are still around.


Anonymous said...

I love the photos of the snow patterns- and please send a bohemian southwest before spring arrives. I haven't viewed one in way too long. In fact we haven't had very many boreal species at all this season- no common/hoary redpolls, no pine grosbeaks.. not even very many snow buntings. Winter doesn't seem like winter without snow buntings.

Pamela Martin said...

Thanks Cindy. I'd send the Bohemians your way for a visit if I could--interesting what these boreals do. My pine and evening grosbeaks have gone off somewhere, but I'm still seeing common redpolls, and one pine siskin turns up among the goldfinches.