Thursday, April 20, 2006

Spring flowers--the saga continues

Sure, daffodils are well started, and northern forsythia are making a great show in gardens in Thomasburg today.

A number of species of tree are in bloom now.

Manitoba maple flowers

But there are also a couple of firsts. Most exciting is that the apricot that was planted several years ago, and has grown to a magnificent height, is blooming this year for the first time!

Apricot bud!!

And the fritillaria that I was worried had come up too soon looks well on its way to blooming before we see frost again. (It's possible that there will be no more frost--but unlikely. We are assured that there will be none in the next several days.)I planted this bulb in the fall of 2004, no blooms last year, and I forget what the flower is supposed to look like. Barring some terrible unforseen event--I should know very soon!

Fritillaria ready to burst!

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