Friday, December 29, 2006

Prince Edward County does not disappoint

I'm down in Prince Edward County for the rest of the year (except for a brief excursion north tomorrow for the Belleville Christmas Bird Count).

As always this place is excellent for birds. But for me, particularly for the Red-bellied Woodpecker, a bird I saw for the first time last year, and which is hanging around the yard every day since I've been down here this time. Beautiful bird, wonderful call, great flight pattern. So like the woodpeckers I know well, and yet different enough to intrigue.

Here's a record of the bird--not good, taken through a window, but satisfying for me to have a photograph of this great bird.

red-bellied woodpecker
Red-bellied Woodpecker at feeder

And here is a link to the range map at Project WildSpace, showing the bird as stopping on the south side of Lake Ontario. No more!! Soon perhaps I'll see it in my Thomasburg yard--what's 75 kilometres to a bird?

All aboard the Friday Ark--Last call for 2006!


Rurality said...

It's funny how a (to me) common everyday bird can be exciting to someone else. I do love the red-belly's call though. :) I'd probably be excited about some of your common ones too!

Anonymous said...

Hope you do see a RBW in your garden at some point, Pamela. Best wishes in the new year!

Pamela Martin said...

Hi, Rurality: I caught myself taking black-capped chickadees for granted the other day--then remembered that not everyone has these wonderful birds around them every day....

Thanks, Bev.