Friday, March 09, 2007

Happy Birthday, PZ Myers!!

Today the great defender of evolution and lover of all things cephalopodic, Professor Myers of Pharyngula is fifty!

I came across Pharyngula early on in my forays into the blogosphere (2005), while searching for science and nature blogs, and have been a faithful reader ever since. I was dismayed to learn that the threat to science education in the United States is real, heartened to see science defended so passionately, fascinated by the beautiful images of ocotopuses and squids, and interested and entertained by the rest of the eclectic selection of science and political posts offered by the erudite and often funny PZ Myers.

So on this, his special day, at the threshold of the second half of life (one I will reach in a few short months), I salute him. And take this opportunity to recommend that the few people who might come across this small blog who have not visited Pharyngula, rush on over!!

Happy Birthday, PZ! And may there be many more.


Anonymous said...

His blog is so cool. Happy Birthday PZ Myers. You rock and so does your blog.
Good luck.
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Anonymous said...

Yes, the world needs more folks like PZ Myers. I've been visiting his blog daily for several years too.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday PZ!