Sunday, January 30, 2005

Signs of the Apocalypse

Last night, around 10:00 p.m., I was out on the porch having a smoke, when a coyote, a large coyote, going at a smooth trot, went by the house on Clare St., past the driveway then up across the property towards the fields. I was stunned. I don't know why, I know there are a lot of coyotes around here. I see sign of them regularly, and hear them singing too. But something about it going by, on the road at night, without a glance to the right or left, reminded me of too many post-apocalyptic movies I've seen.

So, after I recovered I put my boots on to look at the track to see if this was actually a funny looking dog. Verdict: probably not. I stood around in the yard for a while--thinking and watching--then I saw another one, going by on the other side of the road--taking the other choice offered by the Y intersection the house sits at the bottom of.

Another one!!?? The same one come around in a circle? Well probably not, this one looked smaller and darker. But really, two? Or just dogs and a fevered imagination? A moment later I heard a chorus of coyotes singing just to the east of the hamlet (the usual direction). I guess there was a coyote convention in the neighbourhood last night. I'll be getting out this morning to see what I can see.

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