Saturday, January 22, 2005

Too Cold!!

I did get out yesterday, around noon, after the breeze died down, but it was too cold to take the camera. The canid pair had been out again; I am now pretty sure that these are red foxes, although the quality of the tracks continues to be very poor, and will be until the temperature warms up.

But the best things I heard and saw yesterday were in the yard. First, a northern shrike came swooping in to a shrub near the bird feeders, to the consternation of the chickadees, et al. The bird stayed in the shrub long enough for me to get a good look, then swooped off again. Then last night there were two great horned owls calling in the trees across the street.

It's a little warmer today than it was last night, but the winds have picked up again, so I may not get out at all. And more snow is expected!

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