Saturday, July 02, 2005

A Change of Weather

The heat wave finally broke last night--temperature dropped to below 14C. This morning the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing and the walking is easy.

I've seen two monarch butterflies in the past few days, first of the season. Last year the number we saw here was way down, and according to my sources, all of eastern Ontario was the same. The milkweed is plentiful and just coming into bloom. Here's hoping that we see a few more butterflies this year.

I got out on my walk at about 7:30 this morning. Things were pretty quiet--mainly sparrows singing, and the wood thrush, no warblers. The brown thrasher spent some time follwing me, but I didn't see the fledglings this time. I did however see the Brewster's warbler lurking in the shrubbery, and taking careful note of me. I have yet to see a bird that might be a suitable mate for it--i.e., a female of either of the parent species or a female hybrid (the latter of which I'm not sure I'd recognize). But the lurking does make me suspect that he's nt just singing, but nesting too.

The pair of kingbirds on the other hand are definitely nesting in the old apple tree. The nest is still there, and one bird is firmly sitting on it--so still eggs, not nestlings. The other bird is hanging around--guarding vociferously against crows, but just watching me closely, without comment.

In the centre of the upper half of the image you can see the nest, and on the right hand side the white band on the end of the kingbird's tail.

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Lake Allison said...

I'm a bird nerd, so I completely love your blog.