Friday, August 05, 2005

Fields in Transition

After a few days respite the heat and smog descended again, so I haven't gotten out much, but I can hear the big news from the fields from my front porch. The topsoil harvest is on--the machines have been out every day this week, scraping, digging and sifting. The landscape will be much changed by now--pictures soon.

But the undisturbed areas are in transition now as well. The white is fading away--the sweet clover is almost finished blooming, and the Queen Anne's lace will soon follow. Next up, yellow and gold.

Brown-eyed Susan

The brown-eyed Susans have been in bloom in small patches emerging from the grasses for some time now. More recently the evening primrose has also been in bloom, growing mostly in the barest patches of the scrape, where there is no competition.

Evening Primrose

But the next big flower story of the year will be the goldenrod--early signs indicate that it is set for a spectacular show.

Goldenrod just coming into bloom

Goldenrod detail

Even in the swamp clearing where the Joe Pye weed is doing so well, you can see the edge starting to turn as the goldenrod comes into force.

Last time I did get out, a couple of mornings ago, I met up with the female common yellowthroat still keeping watch at the edge of the bush by the willow copse. I haven't seen the male on either of my last two visits. This is the first time since spring that he hasn't been there either singing or defending and I'm concerned that he has come to some bad end.

On this visit she deigned to pose!

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TroutGrrrl said...

Wow, great yellowthroat pic!