Sunday, September 25, 2005

How Do They Do That?

I fooled around with the mystery warbler photo from Friday's post, to try to bring out the features a little better. In the result, below, you can see a pale stripe on the side of the throat--this is what made me think Cape May warbler of the choices I had. The problem though is that the picture now suggests all kinds of yellow on the breast and elsewhere that I don't remember being there. I just remember yellow on the edges on the breast.

On crime shows on TV they can always "enhance" images to read the label on someone's shirt, or sharpen up those facial features out of a grey mass of pixalated mess. I figure maybe with the right tools I could have enhanced this image into any of a number of warblers--but would it stand up in court?


Anonymous said...

The jizz of this is Yellow-rumped Warbler to me.

Pamela Martin said...

Thanks nuthatch. I'm coming around.