Friday, March 23, 2007

I and the Bird #45

I've been away from cyberspace lately, except for an occasional short visit, so I've missed developments at I and the Bird. The most recent edition is up at Journey through Grace, a birthday celebration for host Jayne's 45th birthday. It's another wonderful selection of the best of recent bird and birding blogging, but what's striking about it for me is how many new blogs are represented.

Mike at 10,000 Birds recently wrote a metablog post about nature and birder blogging (see also John's thoughts on the matter at A DC Birding Blog), acknowledging that we are a small niche in the great blogosphere--but the growth seems to me to be exponential.

Check out I and the Bird #45 and you'll see what I mean.

I and the Bird


burning silo said...

Great to see that you signed up for the Bioblitz. I'm sure you'll have some great species lists! Btw, I saw my first Turkey Vultures yesterday while hiking south of Smiths Falls.

Pamela Martin said...

I'm looking forward to it--I think I've chosen the spot, one that's pretty quiet now, but will be great for warblers and more by Bioblitz time.