Monday, September 03, 2007

Circus of the Spineless Rides Again

If it's the end of another month, then it's time for the circus, Circus of the Spineless, a monthly collection of the best of invertebrate blogging from around the world. The latest edition (the 24th!) is graciously hosted by Demented Pixie of Naturalist Notebook. Check it out!

Next month the circus will appear at The Annotated Budak.


Jochen said...

When I was in Corbyville, I spend most of my time in a canoe on the Moira River, watching Ospreys and Hooded Mergansers and trying to sneak up on beavers (and avoid an aggressive pair of Mute Swans). I never saw a Turkey during that time but once found a feather of a Ruffed Grouse on the road just outside our house about which I was very excited.
The river bank opposite our house had Northern Waterthrushes and Winter Wrens and I was delighted at frequently hearing Nighthawks and Snipe.
A few times I drove out to Presqu'Ile Park and enjoyed it very much.
Those were the days...

Unknown said...

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