Saturday, March 12, 2005

In Like a Lion

It snowed last night here in the County. Just a few centimetres, but it has coated the trees, recreating that winter wonderland feel. But it really is March, and as we all know, spring begins in March. The mourning doves are cooing, the woodpeckers are drumming, the chickadees and cardinals are singing their spring songs.

I startled something out of the yard everytime I came outside last night. Whatever it was, I caught its eyes in the beam of my headlamp the first time, they looked binocular, and shone bright white. I must find out if things can be indentified by the colour their eyes reflect. It was small, and crashed down a steep slope, and away, so fast, I'm guessing it was a rabbit. But I'm a little concerned about the apparent position of the eyes in the light. I must do some research on the question.

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