Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Yard Rabbit Exposed

All winter we've had a rabbit making daily visits to the bird feeders, gobbling up sunflower seeds and any little treats we've put out especially for it (apple, carrot, etc.) It keeps almost regular hours; you could be pretty sure of getting a glimpse of it winter dusk and dawn. I worried sometimes when the fox tracks were thick in the yard, or when there were a few tufts of bunny fur on the ground, but the rabbit kept turning up (or else it was replaced once or twice, but that doesn't bear thinking about).

Now that spring is here, the rabbit is keeping the same hours, so we get to see it in the daylight. I finally got a picture.

The blue jays startle the poor rabbit--back in the winter they never crossed paths. But you can see here they have made the accomodation.

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