Sunday, May 14, 2006

Leaves of Three--Let it Be

Last year in June I spent some time down here in Prince Edward County, and on the first night of the stay, I wandered down the lane a little ways in sandals, was drawn to investigate a strange sound in the woods, and was stopped partly by common sense, and partly by this three-leaved sight at my feet. (For more about what happened that day see Close encounters)

I've never had a poison ivy reaction, so may not be sensitive to it--though as I understand these things that can change with the next exposure. But there are two reasons to be cautious around this stuff. One, that you'll end up with a rash, ranging anywhere from annoying to requiring medical assistance. But two, that you'll bring the oil home on your clothes and spread it around for others to pick up.

This year there is more of this stuff here than last--several more patches on the same side of the laneway: another reason not to go tramping off the trail.

For More Information:
Poison Ivy: The Scourge of the Trail (Hike Ontario)
Outsmarting Poison Ivy (USFDA)


Dave Dorsey said...

Oh Pamela, do I remember as a kid having to go to the doctors because I was sooooo alergic to Poison Ivy and Poison Oak. One more reason why I now live in Alaska where those two evils don't exist.

John B. said...

I have never had a poison ivy rash. I learned very early how to identify it and to stay away from it. I still do not push my luck around it because I do not want to develop an allergy.

Anonymous said...

I haven't caught the rash often, but in my younger days I went out to the bush to um, relieve myself and squatted smack in the middle of a poison ivy stand. I was too embarassed to see a dr.. LOL
It's so very invasive- it's choking out my rock garden and there really is no way to get rid of it without poisoning off the whole area and starting again.. but since I have a huge mass of forget-me-nots out there, I keep putting it off.. plus I don't care for poisons.
The best remedy I've found is spotted jewelweed- the juice from their stems will take the itch out pronto. Luckily I haven't had to use it in quite awhile, that experience in my younger years has stuck with me ;)
good links too, thanks!