Thursday, June 01, 2006

Urban Rabbits: Part 2

Another rabbit story? Yes, can't be helped. My friend Michael, of Toronto, read the latest instalment in the caramel bunny series and was compelled to respond with a wild rabbit story from the downtown core, and he sent pictures!

I first wrote about a rabbit in this downtown Toronto yard last December (Sightings), illustrated with a photo courtesy of Michael. Just seems wrong to me that eastern cottontails would travel through that densely populated part of town to end up near the corner of College and Dovercourt, many, many blocks from green space of any size at all (although Michael's street, like many of the others, is blessed with deep backyards), and even live there.

My shock deepens to discover that a rabbit is now raising a family under and around his front porch. Though, of course, where there are rabbits, there are baby rabbits: it's the nature of that beast. You may be able to tell from this photo of the adult that she is pretty raggedy underneath. This is most likely because she has recently plucked fur from her belly to line a nest, and to give the babies better access to her nipples.

Good baby rabbits stay still.

Images courtesy of Michael Solomon

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