Thursday, July 06, 2006

I and the Bird #27: The Anniversary Edition

Mike of 10,000 Birds, and founder of I and the Bird is the host of the 27th and first anniversary edition. In honour of the anniversary Mike called for posts from past contributors answering one or all of the questions: Why do you blog? Why do you bird? Why do you blog about birding? The result: an interesting and thoughtful collection reflecting the diversity and similarity among bird bloggers, preceded by Mike's reflections on blogging and the creation of I and the Bird. Check it out.

I and the Bird is the first carnival I participated in (I and the Bird #2 at Charlie's Bird Blog), the one I contribute to most frequently, follow most faithfully, and the only one I've hosted (I and the Bird #10). And it has made my experience as a nature blogger and appreciator of nature blogs so much richer than it could have been otherwise. Thank you, Mike. Happy Anniversary!! And may there be many more.

Year two starts with I and the Bird #28, to be hosted by Bogbumper on July 20 (submissions due by July 18). And if you've been a contributor, but never a host, consider giving it a try: You'll like it! Go to I and the Bird for more information.

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