Monday, November 21, 2005

Birding Gear Big Board

Well he's done it again. Mike of 10,000 Birds, creator of I and the Bird, in his ongoing quest to improve the lives of birders everywhere, in collaboration with Charlie of Charlie's Bird Blog, has come up with:
The "Birding Gear Big Board" - an online repository of reviews and opinions on the gear, the guides, the videos and DVDs, the holidays, and the birding gifts that every single one of us plan to use, do use - or will never, ever use again and wouldn't want anyone else we know to use either. Reviews and opinions moreover written by bloggers you've been reading (or should have been) for months! Bloggers you know.

Who are those bloggers? Mike and Charlie of course, and Nuthatch from Bootstrap Analysis, and me, just for starters....

Check it out!

"The Birding Gear Big Board – reviews of birding books, optics, and gear by bloggers you trust!"

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