Friday, November 25, 2005

Off topic: Tony G's Film Challenge

Tony at milkriverblog issued the following challenge:
Post on your site a movie that you consider among the best you've ever seen, but that you think far too few people know about. it's kind of an obscure film meme.
When I lived in Toronto, many years ago now, I saw many, many movies: current, revue, trash, high art....too many from those days to pick from. So I am going to go with a recent Canadian documentary film, one that received quite a lot of notice, and numerous awards, but may not be as widely known still as it should be: The Corporation

This is arguably a political film from a particular point of view. But it is also an exquisitely put together film--the artistry of which I think anyone who enjoys documentary filmmaking would appreciate. It tells the history of the modern corporation, its development into a quasi person, its character. Very interesting, many points of view expressed, and a beautiful piece of work.

Take up the challenge. Name a film, and let Tony know.

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