Thursday, October 13, 2005

I and the Bird #8

It's here! Another great edition of I and the Bird is up at Science and Sarcasm. The brainchild of Mike at 10,000 Birds, I and the Bird has been steadily growing as a blog carnival, attracting posts from all hemispheres, and at least 3 continents. This 8th edition, a great collection, highlights blog posts from around cyberspace touching on many aspects of birds and birding.

My favourite things about the carnival: I get to reread some of my favourite bird posts (e.g., The Sphere's Hooting Back at Owls), I get a second chance to catch up on birding posts I might have missed from the bloggers I follow (e.g., Bird TLC's The Most Common Owl and Rurality's Warbler neck), and I get introduced to nature bloggers I haven't seen before (e.g., The Blurry-eyed Birder). And at this time of the year the posts from the south provide news of the safe return of the migrants who breed around here to their wintering grounds. Not the far south you understand--not the strange and wonderful world of Ben Cruachan Blog's Red-capped Robin or Charlie's Orange-headed thrush, an exotic pleasure all their own. Charlie's thrush pictures are wonderful, the bird is both splendidly exotic to an Ontario birder, and yet clearly a thrush like the thrushes I know!

Thanks to TroutGrrrl for putting together this great collection in a great presentation!!!

For information about the carnival and future hosts click on the image below.

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Tom Andersen said...

Not only did you read Hooting Back at the Owls but you re-read it! I'm flattered. Thanks for mentioning Sphere.