Monday, October 31, 2005

A Sunny Day at the End of October

Yesterday there were ladybugs everywhere--every description, landing on every warm spot, including me, all over the yard and the outside of the house. First time this year I've seen them in any numbers. Were they here in anticipation of the Second Edition of the Circus of the Spineless?

Just a few lazy wasps around. This one doesn't seem to be bothering the ladybug any.

Last edition of Circus of the Spineless I submitted a couple of posts, and Tony G nominated a couple more. So yesterday the Circus was on my mind, although I am only an incidental spineless writer and photographer.

This month's edition is up today at Snail's Tales. It's a veritable feast of the spineless: from a choice of appetizers, including box elder bugs served on passion vine leaves, to a fine selection of desserts, including spider jello flavoured with staghorn sumac. Have a taste of everything--it all sounds delicious!


Tom Andersen said...

You're having a lady bug party. We have one going on at our place too. Not every is so tolerant, but I like them. I wrote about it on Sphere.

John B. said...

From time to time I will have an outbreak of ladybugs inside of my apartment. I think they must have come in on a plant I had out on the roof for a while. I don't mind having a few around, but when there are dozens, it starts to get a little annoying.

Pamela Martin said...

For a lot of lady bugs inside, check out Lady bug season 2005 at Science and Sarcasm. I don't mind thousands outside myself, but inside, they're too noisy!