Friday, November 11, 2005

The Grosbeak Has Landed

This morning. First a single female evening grosbeak calling from near the top of the maple tree by the house, where the feeders are. I thought I heard a reply from down the street. A few minutes later I saw a male feeding on the ground (where'd I'd just thrown some black oil sunflower seeds) under the tree.

If they stick, more, and pictures too I hope, later.

As luck would have it, they timed their visit to coincide with the first day of the FeederWatch season.

From November 9th's News from Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Project FeederWatch Begins This Week!
Project FeederWatch begins November 12! Participants this year will enjoy improvements to the Data Entry web pages, new paper data forms, and an electronic newsletter. The FeederWatch team has also streamlined the summary page, making it easier to see current and past data. All participants are welcome, so sign up today! To sign up in the U.S. click here or call the Lab toll-free at (800) 843-2473. In Canada visit Bird Studies Canada online or call (888) 448-2473.


John B. said...

Great sighting!

Anonymous said...

cool! now send a few of those beauties southwest please :)
I completely forgot about the Cornell feederwatch.. I tend to over extend myself with surveys though, so I think this year I'll just enjoy them instead of counting them.

Deb said...

My husband said he has heard evening grosbeaks in the trees around here, but apparently the neighbors' feeder is more attractive to them so far. I was home all weekend and didn't see or hear any.

Pamela Martin said...

Since that first sighting I've seen a flock of six evening grosbeaks several times--but they haven't been coming to the feeders, just hanging out for a while near the top of a nearby elm.