Saturday, October 08, 2005

WildCam Africa

After several days of heat, humidity and smog we have been plunged suddenly into fall. the house plants are all still outside, and all need a bath before they come in for the winter (should have three over the next ten days, but they never do). No real frost yet, none really expected, but soon, yes, very soon.

Hectic running around--driving into one town or another every day for the past ten has kept me from walking. Kinglets continue to visit the yard so I get an occasional glimpse. And a flock of juncos is hanging out here too, but around the house is just not the same as being out there.

Then I heard about the WildCam at National Geographic. A camera focused on a watering hole, Peter's Pond in Botswana, sending images of all who stop there for a drink up to a sattelite and down into anyone's computer. I clicked on the link, spent some time downloading the update for Real Player I was told I needed, and then tried to go there. Computer freeze-up.

Well, as I'd feared, this is yet another treat denied to those of us on dial-up. One disadvantage to living in Thomasburg is no highspeed internet service.

But for those with highspeed (or maybe just a newer faster computer) click here, and enjoy the view for me.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the heads up on the pond cam, pretty cool. I have dialup too so I don't think it's refreshing like it should. I did see a small herd of elephants though :)

Anonymous said...

Great site, shame about our dial up though; I had to go and bake a cake while I waited to see some action. It is good to be a multi-tasker when you only have dial-up. I have baked a lot of cakes.

Pamela Martin said...

I'm so glad to hear that you could get the site--with my computer freezing up everytime I tried I was beginning to fear I'd been hoaxed and passed a hoax on. Since you're getting it on dialup--I guess that's not my only problem.